Our Firm

Our Firm

Imperial Capital has been helping to build better businesses since 1989. We are a Toronto-based private equity fund manager that focuses on investment opportunities in the US and Canadian mid-market across two industry verticals: healthcare and business & consumer services.


Business & Consumer Services

Imperial Capital’s roots are entrepreneurial, just like the companies that we have partnered with for over 28 years. Having navigated a similar path as many of the owners and entrepreneurs of the companies in which we have invested, we understand and respect the views and accomplishments of the business owners with whom we partner. Through the unique approach taken with each of our investments, we have helped entrepreneurs and management teams grow their businesses.

We have the people, the capital, the experience, and the network to help your business grow. Our investment deal team is composed of seasoned professionals who have an exclusive focus on their industry vertical, making us knowledgeable, value-added partners. With over $1 billion of capital under management and $650 million raised in our most recent fund, we are well-positioned to invest in your future success.